Platte River Wilderness Addition

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Wilderness Qualities
The proposed wilderness addition consists of a tiny portion of the canyon rim of the North Platte River at the southern end of the Forest Service's Platte River Wilderness. BLM identifies this addition as the Platte River Contiguous WSA. The North Platte River here carves a rushing whitewater canyon called North Gate Canyon, a favorite of rafting recreationists and fishermen. The small BLM addition to the wilderness will preserve part of the area's scenic backdrop as viewed from the river.

The Platte River addition consists of a steep, rocky hillside covered by Douglas fir, pinyon-juniper, and sagebrush.

Resource Information
Two mineral leases or mining claims exist within the Platte River Contiguous WSA, and BLM rates the potential for discovery of mineral resources as low.

The area's steep topography and sparse vegetation preclude commercial woodlands or grazing activities. Because the addition completes the boundary of the existing wilderness by adding the missing fragment of the canyon wall, the area is in essence a headwaters addition to the existing wilderness. No water resources of any kind exist on the 30-acre addition.

Boundary Issues
Citizens agree with BLM's recommended wilderness boundary of the entire WSA.


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